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About Us

A Sustainable Fashion Company

Premium. Eco-Friendly. Accessories.

ATYRE is a premium producer and retailer of handmade bags that are not only beautifully designed and made to last, but friendly to the environment and socially inclusive.

All of our bags are therefore, handcrafted from strong upcycled tyre material and carefully selected textiles from our local suppliers. Our proudly South African creative team works relentlessly to deliver sophisticated, stylish designs that enable our customers to express their personality.

Our vision is to become a global leader in sustainable fashion and game changer in Africa. We are committed to continually innovating the craft of bag making, to not only be ecologically friendly and sustainable, but also socially inclusive by working with local communities to eradicate poverty.

Environmental commitment

  • Ensure that all our products are made with recyclable material.
  • Our production is not harmful to the environment, with no carbon emissions from our machinery.
  • We uphold a minimum wastage policy in our factory, where our fabrics are used to the best of their capabilities.

Social commitment

  • So far created full time employment for 6 local staff and with ambitions to grow this number substantially. 
  • We work with waste pickers who collect and trade recyclable materials for employment and the supply of tyre tubes.
  • We offer internships vacation throughout the year for school learners.


One of our goals is to create awareness around the topic of sustainable fashion in South Africa which is still extremely new to this concept.

Join us the spirit of Ubuntu to achieve this goal, through spreading the news about what we are doing or by purchasing an ATYRE bag. 

Thank you to everyone for their unwavering support, it truly means the world to the ATYRE team and urges us to exceed all expectations.

Rea Ngwane