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Looking to Purchase the ATYRE Essential Vanity Pouch in Bulk?

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ATYRE is a sustainable and responsible premium brand that produces a tailored selection of hand luggage that is made from upcycled tyre material, with the incorporation of locally sourced materials, all handcrafted by local community members.

The ATYRE team works relentlessly to cater for its clients who understand the impact their purchasing power has on the environment and society at large. They yearn for unique, versatile, quality, durable and timeless pieces they can gift to their most valued guests or sold to their most prized clients.

What's in your bag?

  1. Beautifully curated and portable Vanity Pouch
  2. 30ml Hand Sanitiser (reusable bottle)
  3. 2 x 3ply Cotton face mask

Additional Benefits:

  1. Branding: Clients may brand either the Essential Vanity Pouch, masks or sanitizer bottle with their company logo (kindly note only 1 is applicable at no extra fee, however branding of all items may result in an additional cost).
  2. Tailored fabric selection: Clients may select their own fabric choice from our current mask collection (
  3. Product pairing: Client may put complimentary items in the Vanity Pouch e.g. hotel soap, shampoo, shower cap etc…
  4. Direct sales to customers: Individuals can also purchase these to carry in their handbags, overnight luggage and travel bags, whilst promoting the respective organisation with the branded Vanity Pouch or Masks

Potential clients for the ATYRE Essential Vanity Pouch include:

  • Hospitality Industry: Hotels, Resorts and Airbnb's 
  • Food Industry: Restaurants
  • Retail Industry
  • Independent organisations

Discount offered on orders above 200 units.

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